Kris Aquino’s smile from the heart is back again

Kris Aquino's smile from the heart is back again

What made Queen of Social Media Kris Aquino smile from her heart again?

?i just blurred my surroundings but pretty much just zoomed in on my reflection, because while looking at my face i noticed- the smile is back in my eyes so i won’t use an app to remove my eyebags…

i fought hard to be able to do this- smile again naturally, from my heart- not just from discipline or because i was in front of people… this was actually a quick picture taken after a full day of work.

My necklace is called the “Circle of Love”- i’ve been loved & i’m continued to be loved by so many who really prayed & supported me to bring this smile back.

So this is a very grateful me sincerely saying, eyebags and all- THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SO MANY REASONS TO SMILE AGAIN. ❤️❤️❤️”

– Kris Aquino

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